codeigniter CAPTCHA Helper Using the CAPTCHA helper


Once loaded you can generate a captcha like this:

$vals = array(
    'word'    => 'Random word',
    'img_path'    => './captcha/',
    'img_url'    => '',
    'font_path'    => './path/to/fonts/texb.ttf',
    'img_width'    => '150',
    'img_height' => 30,
    'expiration' => 7200

$cap = create_captcha($vals);
echo $cap['image'];
  • The captcha function requires the GD image library.
  • Only the img_path and img_url are required.
  • If a "word" is not supplied, the function will generate a random ASCII string. You might put together your own word library that you can draw randomly from.
  • If you do not specify a path to a TRUE TYPE font, the native ugly GD font will be used. The "captcha" folder must be writable (666, or 777)
  • The "expiration" (in seconds) signifies how long an image will remain in the captcha folder before it will be deleted. The default is two hours.