Codename One Getting started with Codename One Installation & Setup

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Installing Codename One In NetBeans

These instructions assume you have downloaded a recent version of NetBeans (at this time 8.x), installed and launched it.

  • Select the Tools->Plugins menu option Tools->Plugin menu option

  • Select the Available Plugins Tab

  • Check The CodenameOne Plugin Netbeans Plugin Install Wizard

  • click the install button below. Follow the Wizard instructions to install the plugin Netbeans Plugin Install Wizard step 2

Installing Codename One In Eclipse

Startup Eclipse and click Help->Install New Software. You should get this dialog

Eclipse Install New Software

Paste for the location to Work with and press Enter.

Select the entries & follow the wizard to install Eclipse Install Wizard select entries

Installing Codename One In IntelliJ IDEA

Download & install IntelliJ/IDEA. Notice that Android Studio will not work.

Install the plugin using The Plugin Center

Use the search functionality in the plugin center to find and install the Codename One plugin.

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