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Online Books

These are books that are freely accessible online.

Online References

Offline Books

These are books that you'll likely have to buy, or lend from a library.

Online Communities


Pre-packaged Lisp Environments

These are Lisp editing environments that are easy to install and get started with because everything you need is pre-packaged and pre-configured.

  • Portacle is a portable and multiplatform Common Lisp environment. It ships a slightly customized Emacs with Slime, SBCL (a popular Common Lisp implementation), Quicklisp and Git. No installation needed, so it's a very quick and easy way to get going.
  • Lispbox is an IDE (Emacs + SLIME), Common Lisp environment (Clozure Common Lisp) and library manager (Quicklisp), pre-packaged as archives for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Descendant of "Lisp in a Box" Recommended in the Practical Common Lisp book.
  • Not pre-packed, but SLIME turns Emacs into a Common Lisp IDE, and has a user manual to help you get started. Requires a separate Common Lisp implementation.

Common Lisp Implementations

This section lists some common CL implementations and their manuals. Unless otherwise noted, these are free software implementations. See also the Cliki's list of free software Common Lisp Implementations, and Wikipedia's list of commercial Common Lisp Implementations.