common-lisp Streams

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  • (read-char &optional stream eof-error-p eof-value recursive-p) => character
  • (write-char character &optional stream) => character
  • (read-line &optional stream eof-error-p eof-value recursive-p) => line, missing-newline-p
  • (write-line line &optional stream) => line


streamThe stream to read from or write to.
eof-error-pShould an error be signalled if end of file is encountered.
eof-valueWhat value should be returned if eof is encountered, and eof-error-p is false.
recursive-pIs the read-operation called recursively from READ. Usually this should be left as NIL.
characterThe character to write, or the character that was read.
lineThe line to write, or the line that was read.

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