compiler-construction Getting started with compiler-construction

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Getting Started: Introduction


  • Have a strong grasp of a programming language such as Python, C, C++, Ruby, or any of the other languages out there.
  • Have your favorite code editor or IDE installed (one such example is VSCode)
  • Stay motivated. Constructing a compiler is not easy, so keep pushing; it's worth the effort.

Language Categories

When making a compiler, you need to decide which of 2 types of language the compiler will be.

  • Toy language: This is when you make a programming language which doesn't fix an issue, but is for learning. Fun examples of these are Whitespace , Lolcode , and Brainfuck .

  • Programming language: These are the languages which aim to solve a problem or bring something new and unique to the table. These can be compared to languages like Swift , C++ , and Python .


During your journey, it is inevitable that you will stumble over something which you have no idea about, but hopefully, one of these resources will aid you.

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