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Software engineer at Google, interested in Java language and library design as well as Python, Bash, code quality and testing. Contributor to Guava, Guice, and Truth.

BitBucket repo

  • ProfileGem: an extensible and modular way to control your Bash shell.
    • prompt.gem: a clean, customizable prompt for your Bash shell.
  • F-ANSI: Java library for colored terminal output and cursor control via ANSI escape codes.
  • bash-cache: Caching / memoization utility for Bash
  • PyCrawl: Python web crawler, designed for site diagnostics.
  • b: Lightweight distributed issue tracker for Mercurial repositories.
  • jGrep: Graphical file search utility, intended for Windows users who miss grep.

I release all my StackOverflow/StackExchange code snippets under an Apache license, in case StackExchange's CC-BY-SA is insufficient for your use case.