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My day to day involves Computer Vision Research, I use a lot of OpenCV and C++ and, sadly, Windows.

In past I did a lot of work using Python/OpenCV for my Thesis and school work and even more work in LAMP full stack development for profit.

In my spare time I mostly develop in Python and on iOS. I also like dabbling in hardware, so I have a couple Arduinos, RFduinos and a Raspberry PI. I'm a *NIX enthusiast switching between OS X for windowed environments and Linux for servers.

My most recent project, that I have written about at length in my blog is a RFduino-based LED lamp for wireless color control. This involves everything from my toolbox, from hardware, Linux, Web service dev to iOS and Desktop development.

My current and near future interests involve Machine Learning and Data Science, hopefully in combination with image processing or computer vision.

At the moment I'm based in Prague and I'm always open to meeting new interesting people for networking. So if you have managed to read this far, maybe we should go for a beer.