Scala Language Classes and Objects

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  • class MyClass{} // curly braces are optional here as class body is empty
  • class MyClassWithMethod {def method: MyClass = ???}
  • new MyClass() //Instantiate
  • object MyObject // Singleton object
  • class MyClassWithGenericParameters[V1, V2](vl: V1, i: Int, v2: V2)
  • class MyClassWithImplicitFieldCreation[V1](val v1: V1, val i: Int)
  • new MyClassWithGenericParameters(2.3, 4, 5) or with a different type: new MyClassWithGenericParameters[Double, Any](2.3, 4, 5)
  • class MyClassWithProtectedConstructor protected[my.pack.age](s: String)

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