Scala Language Scaladoc


  • Goes above methods, fields, classes or packages.
  • Starts with /**
  • Each line has an starting * proceding with the comments
  • Ends with */


Class specific_
@constructor detailExplains the main constructor of the class
Method specific_
@return detailDetails about what is returned on the method.
Method, Constructor and/or Class tags_
@param x detailDetails about the value parameter x on a method or constructor.
@tparam x detailDetails about the type parameter x on a method or constructor.
@throws detailWhat exceptions may be thrown.
@see detailReferences other sources of information.
@note detailAdds a note for pre or post conditions, or any other notable restrictions or expectations.
@example detailProvides example code or related example documentation.
@usecase detailProvides a simplified method definition for when the full method definition is too complex or noisy.
@author detailProvides information about the author of the following.
@version detailProvides the version that this portion belongs to.
@deprecated detailMarks the following entity as deprecated.