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Montréal, Québec, Canada

Patrick Simard

Hi, my name is Patrick Simard. I am a PHP enthusiast fellow and sometimes even code in my dreams. (still trying to find a way to save/extract that code somehow).

I currently own a company called Webium Media where I hold several key positions such as senior PHP programmer (Full stack) / Sys Admin / Project Manager / Customer care and more! (I make very good coffee as well!)

Over the years, I have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding the technical difficulties a programmer can encounter with a web project, which puts me in a great position to lead/mentor a team into the best PHP architecture that in turn reduces the risk of any future problems while respecting the wanted time frame.

From 2006 to 2009, I created my first web creation business called PHPEcono. This period of my life has been very formative because I had to take care of everything myself. Going from finding clients, take care of Front and Back end integration as well as customer care (key to success). One thing I became very good at quicker than I expected was managing external resources for parts of projects I could not do myself like graphic designing. During those years, I also started hosting my own clients on a Linux dedicated server.

In 2009, I closed my business and found a job at Cameleon Media. I started there as a junior programmer, ended senior programmer by the end of the first week. A few week later, I became the official Lead of the team and finally IT Director by the end of the first year. My biggest accomplishment with them was creating a web application called aCMS (Admin Content Management System) that helped them triple their yearly revenues. Since its successful implementation inside the company’s culture, aCMS has been the heart and soul of over 500 websites and counting!

Today, I can manage more than one server, set up new domains, install new server modules, update critical system parts when needed as well as debug major server events and keep serval hundreds of clients happy every day! Of course, as a senior Full Stack programmer, I can build great websites from scratch. I can also lead a team of programmers, take care of employee needs, implement a strong company culture and keep everybody happy and productive. Because of all my years as self-employed, I have developed strong selling skills and it made me a great problem solver.

Regards, 514-795-4321