devise Add Social Media Account Keys in devise.rb


For Facebook

config.omniauth :facebook, facebook_app_id, facebook_secret_key, :display => "popup", :scope => 'email,publish_actions', info_fields: 'email,name'

For Twitter

config.omniauth :twitter, twitter_app_id, twitter_secret_key, :display => "popup", :scope => 'email'

For Linkedin

config.omniauth :linkedin, linkedin_app_id, linkedin_secret_key, :display => "popup", :scope => 'r_emailaddress,r_basicprofile'

For Google+

config.omniauth :gplus, gplus_app_id, gplus_secret_key, :display => "popup", scope: ', userinfo.profile'

Note: the display: "popup" attribute is used when we want social media signup to open in a separate browser window.