Hypertext Access file Speed Optimization Enable KeepAlive (Apache 2.0+)


The Keep-Alive extension to HTTP/1.0 and the persistent connection feature of HTTP/1.1 provide long-lived HTTP sessions which allow multiple requests to be sent over the same TCP connection. In some cases this has been shown to result in an almost 50% speedup in latency times for HTML documents with many images. To enable Keep-Alive connections, set KeepAlive On. — Apache Docs

# Enable KeepAlive
KeepAlive On

# OPTIONAL — limit the amount of requests per connection with 'MaxKeepAliveRequests'
# Example: MaxKeepAliveRequests 500

# OPTIONAL — limit the amount of time the server will wait before it closes 
# the connection with 'KeepAliveTimeout'
# Example: KeepAliveTimeout 500

Apache Docs