.NET Core 3 Cross Platform/Architecture Restrictions

Currently, the ReadyToRun compiler doesn't support cross-targeting. You must compile on a given target. For example, if you want R2R images for Windows x64, you need to run the publish command on that environment.

Exceptions to cross-targeting:

  • Windows x64 can be used to compile Windows ARM32, ARM64, and x86 images.
  • Windows x86 can be used to compile Windows ARM32 images.
  • Linux x64 can be used to compile Linux ARM32 and ARM64 images.

For some SDK platforms, the ReadyToRun compiler is capable of cross-compiling for other target platforms. Supported compilation targets are described in the below table.

SDK platform Supported target platforms
Windows X64 Windows X86, Windows X64, Windows ARM32, Windows ARM64
Windows X86 Windows X86, Windows ARM32
Linux X64 Linux X86, Linux X64, Linux ARM32, Linux ARM64
Linux ARM32 Linux ARM32
Linux ARM64 Linux ARM64
macOS X64 macOS X64