.NET Framework Dynamic binding


Newtonsoft's Json.NET allows you to bind json dynamically (using ExpandoObject / Dynamic objects) without the need to create the type explicitly.


dynamic jsonObject = new ExpandoObject();
jsonObject.Title   = "Merchent of Venice";
jsonObject.Author  = "William Shakespeare";


var rawJson = "{\"Name\":\"Fibonacci Sequence\",\"Numbers\":[0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13]}";
dynamic parsedJson = JObject.Parse(rawJson);
Console.WriteLine("Name: " + parsedJson.Name);
Console.WriteLine("Name: " + parsedJson.Numbers.Length);

Notice that the keys in the rawJson object have been turned into member variables in the dynamic object.

This is useful in cases where an application can accept/ produce varying formats of JSON. It is however suggested to use an extra level of validation for the Json string or to the dynamic object generated as a result of serialization/ de-serialization.