elastic-beanstalk Setting JVM Options


-bundle.zip         //--> bundle file which will be uploaded
|--.ebextensions     //--> the file name must be exactly ".ebextensions"
   |--jvm.config    //--> config file that will set the JVM options on deployment (upload)
|--java_app.jar     //Here, I am using Spring Boot

option_settings:                                  //--> must have line
  aws:elasticbeanstalk:application:environment:   //--> namespace used to set JVM values
    XX:MaxPermSize: 256m                          //--> set XX:MaxPermSize to 256m
    Xmx: 1024m                                    //--> set Xmx to 1024m
    Xms: 512m                                     //--> set Xms to 512m