Elm Language Lists and Iteration Sorting a list


By default, List.sort sorts in ascending order.

> List.sort [3,1,5]
[1,3,5] : List number

List.sort needs the list elements to be comparable. That means: String, Char, number (Int and Float), List of comparable or tuple of comparable.

> List.sort [(5,"ddd"),(4,"zzz"),(5,"aaa")]
[(4,"zzz"),(5,"aaa"),(5,"ddd")] : List ( number, String )

> List.sort [[3,4],[2,3],[4,5],[1,2]]
[[1,2],[2,3],[3,4],[4,5]] : List (List number)

You can't sort lists of Bool or objects with List.sort. For that see Sorting a list with custom comparator.

> List.sort [True, False]
-- error, can't compare Bools