font-awesome Getting started with font-awesome Setup


Different approaches can be used to integrate FontAwesome into a website:

For plain HTML/CSS:

  • Download the zip available here, unzip, and copy the contents to your website. Then reference the /css/font-awesome.css in the webpage head like so:

    <link rel="stylesheet" src="/assets/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.css">
  • Reference it in the webpage head using a CDN address. One such address would be To reference this, just use a link tag but set the source to the CDN address instead

For Package managers:

Most package managers support Font Awesome as a package, and there are some examples below:

  • NuGet: Just search for and install Font-Awesome, or run the below command in the package console: Install-Package FontAwesome
  • Ruby: Just run this command: gem install font-awesome-rails
  • npm: just run this command: npm install font-awesome