hive Hive Table Creation Through Sqoop

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If we have a Hive meta-store associated with our HDFS cluster, Sqoop can import the data into Hive by generating and executing a CREATE TABLE statement to define the data’s layout in Hive. Importing data into Hive is as simple as adding the --hive-import option to your Sqoop command line.


Importing data directly from RDBMS to HIVE can solve lots of time. Also we can run a freeform query(a join or some simple query) and populate it in a table of our choice directly into Hive.

--hive-import tells Sqoop that the final destination is Hive and not HDFS.

--hive-table option helps in importing the data to the table in hive chosen by us, otherwise it will be named as the source table being imported from RDBMS.

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