http-headers Accept: (Request)


What Content-Type does the client accept.


  • Accept: MIMEType/MIMESubtype;QualityFactor
  • Accept: MIMEType/MIMESubtype;QualityFactor, MIMEType/MIMESubtype;QualityFactor, ...


MIMETypeThe first half of the mime type. This can also be a */* for all types
MIMESubtypeThe second half of the mime type or a * for all sub types (ie image/*)
QualityFactorThe quality factor in the format ;q=0.8 (optional)


The content types are MIME types (ie text/html) separated by comma with an optional quality factor (using a ;q=) that is used the clients preference for using this type. The quality factor has a value from 0 to 1 with the higher the number the more preference for that type.

If the server can't find an acceptable type to reply with then it should send a 406 (not acceptable) response.