HTTP HTTP requests

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HTTP MethodPurpose
OPTIONSRetrieve information about the communication options (available methods and headers) available on the specified request URI.
GETRetrieve the data identified by the request URI, or the data produced by the script available at the request URI.
HEADIdentical to GET except that no message body will be returned by the server: only headers.
POSTSubmit a block of data (specified in the message body) to the server for addition to the resouce specified in the request URI. Most commonly used for form processing.
PUTStore the enclosed information (in the message body) as a new or updated resource under the given request URI.
DELETEDelete, or queue for deletion, the resource identified by the request URI.
TRACEEssentially an echo command: a functioning, compliant HTTP server must send the entire request back as the body of a 200 (OK) response.


The CONNECT method is reserved by the method definitions specification for use with proxies that are able to switch between proxying and tunneling modes (such as for SSL tunneling).

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