ionic2 Add ionic app to ionic view Steps to add your app to ionic view


The following steps need to be done in the

  1. Create an account or login into your ionic account
  1. Click "New App" in the Dashboard and give name for your app

     I named my app as 'MyIonicApp'
  1. In the overview section of this newly created app, there will be a ID below the app name.

     MyIonicApp ID is 4c5051c1 

Below steps are done in Node.js command prompt

  1. Login into your ionic account by running

    $ ionic login
  1. Root your app folder.
  1. To upload your app to ionic view, first you have to link your app with the ID you created in ionic site. Run the following command to link,

    $ ionic link [your-app-id]

    For MyIoincApp, the command will be,

    $ ionic link 4c5051c1

    The above command will update the app id in the MyIonicApp's config file.

  1. Once the linking is done, upload the app by executing

    $ ionic upload


Once the upload is successful, open ionic view in your mobile to view the app.

Others can view your app, by submitting the app id under 'Preview an app' section in ionic view.