jekyll Front Matter Predefined Variables


There are a number of predefined global variables that you can set in the front matter of a page or post.

layoutIf set, this specifies the layout file to use. Use the layout file name without the file extension. Layout files must be placed in the _layouts directory.
permalinkIf you need your processed blog post URLs to be something other than the site-wide style (default /year/month/day/title.html), then you can set this variable and it will be used as the final URL.
publishedSet to false if you don’t want a specific post to show up when the site is generated.

There are also predefined variables specifically for posts.

dateA date here overrides the date from the name of the post. This can be used to ensure correct sorting of posts. A date is specified in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS +/-TTTT; hours, minutes, seconds, and timezone offset are optional.
category categoriesInstead of placing posts inside of folders, you can specify one or more categories that the post belongs to. When the site is generated the post will act as though it had been set with these categories normally. Categories (plural key) can be specified as a YAML list or a comma-separated string.
tagsSimilar to categories, one or multiple tags can be added to a post. Also like categories, tags can be specified as a YAML list or a comma-separated string.