jekyll Collections Configuring a New Collection


To create an albums collection, add the following to your config.yml file:

- albums

Create a corresponding folder at the root of your Jekyll install, named exactly what you put in your config.yml file with an additional prepended underscore; in our example, <source>/_albums.

Adding documents to this folder will add items to your collection. Any variables included in a file's YAML front matter is read in as data attributes, and everything after it is included in the item's content attribute. If no YAML front matter is provided, Jekyll will not generate the file in your collection.

Collection metadata can be configured in config.yml:

    type: media

In this example, type: media could be any arbitrary key-value pair.

Defaults for items within a collection can also be set within config.yml.

  - scope:
      path: ""
      type: albums
      publisher: Me Publishers Inc

Given this default, any item within the albums collection that does not explicitly set publisher within its front matter will have its publisher variable set to Me Publishers Inc at build time.

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