jetty An Overview of Jetty


Jetty is a Java-based, open-source project providing a HTTP server/client and javax.servlet container. Jetty also provides support for HTTP/2, JMX, JNDI, OSGi JAAS and other integrations. Jetty can be deployed as a standard distribution package or as an embeddable web server, allowing users to customize their implementations to be as fully featured or as small as they would like.

The Jetty project is hosted by the Eclipse Foundation and can be found at Until 2009 the Jetty project was hosted on The Codehaus and before that was located on Sourceforge.

Original development for Jetty began in 1995 by Greg Wilkins of Mort Bay Consulting. Today, development of Jetty is fully funded by Webtide, LLC., who also provide commercial support for the project.