jira Starting a local JIRA test instance

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For starting a JIRA test instance on a local machine, the Atlassian-SDK is the way to go. This is useful for testing JIRA itself, developing and debugging JIRA plugins. The SDK is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

See the installation guide for the Atlassian SDK. For running the Atlassian SDK properly, the Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK) has to be installed - OpendJDK does not work!


Parameter (short)Description
--version (-v)Version of the application to run (default: latest version).
--http-port (-p)HTTP port for the servlet container. You may need to change this if you already have a process listed for the default port, such as when you want to bring up two instances of JIRA. (default: 2990)
--context-pathThe application context path. You will need to include the leading forward slash. For example, if your application is running at http://localhost:2990/jira then you should enter /jira. To run your application in the root web application context (eg. http://localhost:2990), then you should enter ROOT. (default: /jira)
--serverHost name of the application server. (default: localhost)
--productThe application to launch. In this case use 'jira'. You may also start instances of other Atlassian products (e.g. Confluence)

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