Apache JMeter Getting started with Apache JMeter Installation or Setup


  1. Download a distributed archive from Binaries section of JMeter from Download Apache JMeter page.

  2. Depending on the version you downloaded, check minimal Java version requirements and install Java if needed. Ensure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and points to a correct version.

  3. Extract the distribution archive in the directory of your choice.

  4. Open JMeter UI:

    • On Windows: navigate to <jmeter_location>\bin directory and run jmeterw.bat or jmeter.bat

    • On Linux/Mac: navigate to <jmeter_location>/bin directory and run jmeter or 'jmeter.sh`.

      For example:

      cd /Users/me/apache-jmeter/bin

      Note: if the above command fails with Permission denied error, set execute permission on jmeter file:

      cd /Users/me/apache-jmeter/bin
      chmod u+x ./jmeter

If you are able to see JMeter UI, basic setup was successful.