jQuery Overview


Elements can be selected by jQuery using jQuery Selectors. The function returns either an element or a list of elements.

Basic selectors

$("*")                       // All elements
$("div")                     // All <div> elements
$(".blue")                   // All elements with class=blue
$(".blue.red")               // All elements with class=blue AND class=red
$(".blue,.red")              // All elements with class=blue OR class=red
$("#headline")               // The (first) element with id=headline
$("[href]")                  // All elements with an href attribute
$("[href='example.com']")    // All elements with href=example.com

Relational operators

$("div span")          // All <span>s that are descendants of a <div>
$("div > span")        // All <span>s that are a direct child of a <div>
$("a ~ span")          // All <span>s that are siblings following an <a>
$("a + span")          // All <span>s that are immediately after an <a>