kettle Transfer Data from one Database to another using Kettle (PDI) Steps to Move One table of MySQL to another table in postgres:


Click on New Files --> Transformation once a new transformation is open, Click on views tab ,under views create two connections (source ) and (destination).

source: table where data is available destination: table where you want to push your data.

screenshot of successful connection

Once done.

on the top bar you have tools --> Wizard --> Copy table

It will ask you to provide source and destination Connection details.

Provide Source and Destination

and Click on Finish.

Once done you will find a transformation Created with Source to destination mapping.

Screenshot of transformation

Just check once before you run the Kettles that table inside the database which you want to move is properly selected.

Data Moved Successfully

as you can see in the above screenshot 720 Records are Moved Successfully from one table to another,where one table was MySQL and another table was in Postgres!!