Kotlin Arrays Generic Arrays


Generic arrays in Kotlin are represented by Array<T>.

To create an empty array, use emptyArray<T>() factory function:

val empty = emptyArray<String>()

To create an array with given size and initial values, use the constructor:

var strings = Array<String>(size = 5, init = { index -> "Item #$index" })
print(Arrays.toString(a)) // prints "[Item #0, Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4]"
print(a.size) // prints 5

Arrays have get(index: Int): T and set(index: Int, value: T) functions:

strings.set(2, "ChangedItem")
print(strings.get(2)) // prints "ChangedItem"

// You can use subscription as well:
strings[2] = "ChangedItem"
print(strings[2]) // prints "ChangedItem"