lisp Getting started with lisp Dialects of Lisp and their implementations


Invented by John McCarthy around 1958, Lisp (List Processor) has continued to grow into an entire family of languages.

Since StackOverflow is more about practical programming problems, typically problems will involve actual Lisp dialects or derived languages and their implementations. Problems that are generally Lisp-related may be tagged with lisp. There are many dialects and implementations, but not all are significant for StackOverflow.

Important dialects and related languages are:

  • Common Lisp (tag), a general purpose language with many implementations and a standard – popular implementations are SBCL, CLISP, Clozure CL and others
  • Emacs Lisp (tag), a Lisp dialect and its implementation mainly used in the GNU Emacs editor
  • Scheme (tag), a Lisp-like language with many implementations and an evolving standard
  • Racket (tag), a language and its implementation derived from Scheme
  • Clojure (tag), a language and a main implementation for the JVM