lodash _.some


We can assert some predicate over a collection using _.some to check if there is at least one member of a collection that meets some criteria. This is great when writing business logic to assert certain conditions on a group of objects. For example, let's say you wanted to make sure at least one person in a group had a driver's license before it was possible for that group to go on a road trip. We make no guarantees on how happy of a group that'll be at the end of the road trip, however.

var friends = [
        'name': 'Fred',
        'hasLicense': false
        'name': 'Steve',
        'hasGuitar': true
        'name': 'Mary',
        'hasLicense': true

function canGroupDrive(arr){
    return _.some(arr, function(e){ return e.hasLicense; });

canGroupDrive(friends);    // returns true