lodash Working with objects .has


Determine if an object has (or contains) a key. If the key to search for is expressed as a path (with dot notation) it will traverse nested object structures to determine if the key exists.

var obj = {
  a: 2,
  b: 3,
  c: {

var res1 = _.has(obj, "a");          // true
var res2 = _.has(obj, "a.b");        // false
var res3 = _.has(obj, "c");          // true
var res4 = _.has(obj, "c.ee");       // true
var res5 = _.has(obj, "c.fff");      // false
var res6 = _.has(obj, "c.dd.fff");   // false
var res7 = _.has(obj, "c.ee.fff");   // true

Arrays can be used to split up parts of the path instead of strings

var res8 = _.has(obj, ["a", "b"]);   // false, same as res2
var res9 = _.has(obj, ["c", "ee"]);  // true, same as res4


_.has will only look at the direct properties (aka. owned properties) of the object.