math Math Tasks That are Solved with Coding

Math is one subject that a lot of students find challenging. Fortunately, students can now use coding to help them out. Coding, which is also called computer programming, is a process where one performs specific computations by building and designing executable computer programs.

Many students these days are very interested in coding, and this process makes math more fun and engaging. When students learn how to code, they also learn key skills that they can use to accomplish tasks in mathematics.


Problem-solving is one of the most important skills students need in math. In fact, this is one of the first skills students should develop when learning math. Many tasks in this subject involve problem-solving. Fortunately, this is one skill that students learn in coding too. Problem-solving is an abstract concept, which is why many children find it difficult to learn. Simply using numerical operations and word problems to teach this skill aren't enough to help students understand what problem-solving truly means.

Also, students usually assume that their teachers have already solved all math problems, and all they have to do is to learn how to find the best solution to get the correct answer.

But for students to effectively develop this skill, they need to work on problems that will challenge their minds. Problems that have different solutions so that students can come up with various solutions on their own. This is one task that students can accomplish through coding.

Homework help for math students

Math teachers can use coding to help improve the education of their students. But there are still some students who struggle with math, especially when they try to review their concepts at home. For these students, teachers can suggest help with math in different forms. They can solve math problems with the help of PlainMath online, review operations using a math calculator with steps, or practice problem solving using worksheets of math problems with answers. Providing students with reinforcements like these will increase their success in learning math.

Algorithmic thinking

At its core, coding is mathematics. As students learn how to write lines of codes that will work properly, they need to develop their computational and algorithmic thinking. Both ways of thinking are part of math as well.

When teachers need to assign tasks to their students that involve algorithmic thinking, they can use various coding exercises. Students can use math exercises to enhance their programming skills, and they can also use coding to enhance their mathematical thinking. It works both ways. The great thing about coding is that students don't have to learn math first before they can learn this skill. They can already start learning how to code, which will then improve various mathematical skills.

Critical thinking

Another important way of thinking that students need in math is critical thinking, something that students learn in coding. While learning how to code, students need to find ways to solve problems, and this is where critical thinking comes in.

While thinking of different solutions, they need to test those solutions to find out if they work. This testing process involves critical thinking as the students need to determine which of the solutions is the best one.

Students can learn critical thinking in different subjects. But it is especially important in coding because they need great attention to detail for the tasks they need to complete. Even though they know the answer to a problem, they still need to test different solutions, which is where they really need to think critically.

Tasks that require analysis and visualization

As students learn how to code, they will encounter situations where the lines of code they used don't work correctly. In such a case, they need to analyze the problem to find ways to debug or fix their lines of code.

The analysis is an important skill needed in math. Many mathematical tasks require analysis, which also involves perseverance and patience. Visualization is also developed through coding, as students need to create a picture in their minds of how things should work based on the lines of code they input. Students develop all these through coding, which they can use when assigned various tasks in their math subjects.


Coding and math are deeply connected with one another. When students know how to code, teachers can use this to teach math concepts too. Since math and coding share the same basic concepts, using both subjects to supplement each other makes sense. As students get better in coding, they can also get better in math - and vice versa. Without even noticing it, they will increase their knowledge of two different subjects while having fun!

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