maya Getting started with maya Simple Python example


Open the Maya listener with the button at the lower right corner of the help line. This opens the script listener.

Create a Python tab from the tab bar.

Here's a very basic script that will print out the positions of the cameras in a default scene. Enter this into the listener:

import maya.cmds as cmds          
cameras = ='camera')  
for each_camera in cameras:
    parent = cmds.listRelatives(each_camera, parent=True)
    position = cmds.xform(parent, q=True, translation=True)
    print each_camera, "is at", position

Select the script an execute it with CTRL+enter;

Here's another simple example that generates a random collection of cubes. It uses the python random module to generate random values.

import maya.cmds as cmds
import random
for n in range(25):
    cube, cubeShape = cmds.polyCube()
    x = random.randrange(-50, 50)
    y = random.randrange(-50, 50)
    z = random.randrange(-50, 50)
    cmds.xform(cube, t = (x,y,z))