MongoDB Aggregation Match


How to write a query to get all departments where average age of employees making less than or $70000 is greather than or equal to 35?

In order to that we need to write a query to match employees that have a salary that is less than or equal to $70000. Then add the aggregate stage to group the employees by the department. Then add an accumulator with a field named e.g. average_age to find the average age per department using the $avg accumulator and below the existing $match and $group aggregates add another $match aggregate so that we're only retrieving results with an average_age that is greather than or equal to 35.

  {"$match": {"salary": {"$lte": 70000}}},
  {"$group": {"_id": "$dept",
              "average_age": {"$avg": "$age"}
  {"$match": {"average_age": {"$gte": 35}}}

The result is:

  "_id": "IT",
  "average_age": 31
  "_id": "Customer Service",
  "average_age": 34.5
  "_id": "Finance",
  "average_age": 32.5