MongoDB CRUD Operation Read


Query for all the docs in the people collection that have a name field with a value of 'Tom':

db.people.find({name: 'Tom'})

Or just the first one:

db.people.findOne({name: 'Tom'})

You can also specify which fields to return by passing a field selection parameter. The following will exclude the _id field and only include the age field:

db.people.find({name: 'Tom'}, {_id: 0, age: 1})

Note: by default, the _id field will be returned, even if you don't ask for it. If you would like not to get the _id back, you can just follow the previous example and ask for the _id to be excluded by specifying _id: 0 (or _id: false).If you want to find sub record like address object contains country, city, etc.

db.people.find({'': 'US'})

& specify field too if required

db.people.find({'': 'US'}, {'name': true, '': true})Remember that the result has a `.pretty()` method that pretty-prints resulting JSON: