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MonoGame is a managed code game-framework with cross-platform support. It is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Using the reliability of managed code with .NET and Mono and the support of many platforms, it simplifies the development of games on multiple platforms.

Platforms currently supported: iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, all Windows platforms, OUYA, PS4, PSVita, and Xbox One.


VersionRelease Date
MonoGame 3.62017-03-01
MonoGame 3.52016-03-17
MonoGame 3.42015-04-29
MonoGame 3.32015-03-16
MonoGame 3.22014-04-07
MonoGame 3.0.12013-03-03
MonoGame 3.02013-01-21
MonoGame 3.0 Beta2012-10-25
MonoGame 2.5.12012-06-18
MonoGame 2.52012-03-29
MonoGame 2.12011-12-07
MonoGame 2.02011-10-28
XnaTouch 0.72009-12-02

Installation or Setup

Detailed instructions on getting monogame set up or installed.

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