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nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce solution based on ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and MS SQL Server 2008(or higher), with comprehensive features that are easy to use for new online businesses.

It has a pluggable architecture that allows additional functionality and presentation elements to be dynamically added to the application at run-time.

And using plugin, end user can integrate a third-party services such as payment gateway, postal service as well as analytic services.


nopCommerce VersionRelease Date
nopCommerce 1.002008-10-23
nopCommerce 1.112009-04-17
nopCommerce 1.402009-12-06
nopCommerce 1.702010-07-07
nopCommerce 1.902010-12-07
nopCommerce 2.002011-08-01
nopCommerce 2.502012-04-03
nopCommerce 2.802013-01-05
nopCommerce 3.002013-05-04
nopCommerce 3.402014-07-17
nopCommerce 3.502014-12-08
nopCommerce 3.602015-06-15
nopCommerce 3.702015-12-08
nopCommerce 3.802016-08-03
nopCommerce 3.902017-03-14

Installation or Setup

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