odoo-8 What are the ORM Methods and details?

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Create method: Create new record with specified value. Takes a number of field values, and returns a recordset containing the record created

def create(self,vals):
    return super(class_name, self).create(vals)

Write Method: Update records with given ids with the given field values.Takes a number of field values, writes them to all the records in its recordset. Does not return anything

def write(self,vals):
    return super(class_name, self).write(vals)

Search method: Search for records based on a search domain.Takes a search domain, returns a recordset of matching records. Can return a subset of matching records (offset and limit parameters) and be ordered (order parameter)


Browse method: Fetch records as objects allowing to use dot notation to browse fields and relations.Takes a database id or a list of ids and returns a recordset, useful when record ids are obtained from outside Odoo (e.g. round-trip through external system) or when calling methods in the old API.


Exists methods: Returns a new recordset containing only the records which exist in the database. Can be used to check whether a record (e.g. obtained externally) still exists.

records = records.exists()

ref method: Environment method returning the record matching a provided external id


ensure_one method: checks that the recordset is a singleton (only contains a single record), raises an error otherwise


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