phpstorm Code Styling in PhpStorm Enforce a specified code style for a project across multiple team members


Currently there is no one-click-button method to actually enforce any code style guidelines across a team but there are two methods to make sure a certain code style is applied to your product.

Import PhpStorm Code Style Schemes

The first and more easier solution is to set up a code style scheme on your own PhpStorm instance, export the scheme to a portable drive or network drive and import the scheme on all development machines.
This way a developer can easily use the keyboard shortcuts Cmd+Shift+L (MacOS) or Ctl+Alt+L (Windows / Linux) to automatically format the complete source code.

You can find more detailed information about this in the following documentation:

Reformatting Source Code in PhpStorm 2016 and up

Unfortunately there is no way to check if a developer really applied the code reformatting. You would have to rely on the promises by the developers that they take care of the reformatting.

Automated Code Format Checks with a CI Server

A very strict way to control source code formatting is to implement a continuos integration server like Jenkins that is able to check if the source code matches a predefined code style.

Let's assume a developer worked on a new feature on his own development branch and wants to push his changes to the main repository. First he pushes the changes to his own branch where the new feature will be checked by the CI server. If the check failed because the code is not formatted properly the developer will be notified so he will be able to correct the issues.

There are various ways on how to set up code quality and formatting checks with all the different integration servers so explaining how to set up a server with checks should be done in the corresponding tags.