playframework-2.0 Getting started with playframework-2.0

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Setting up a Play 2 ! project

Download Play! 1. Goto and download latest Play! release ( at the time of this writing). Unzip in a directory of your choice. We’ll refer to uncompressed folder directory as PLAY_HOME.

Add PLAY_HOME folder to you PATH environment variable, so that it’s handy when you run play commands from within your project. If you’re using Bash, you can do this by simply appending m like this to user.home/.bashrc

export PATH=$PATH:/home/impadmin/play-2.5.x

…and we are done. (detailed instructions are given here).

Create your project

  1. Goto to directory where you want to create your project.
  2. Create a new project named Sample (or any fancy name you would like to give

enter image description here

Run command “play” to enter Play! console.

You’re free to use any text editor of your choice for writing source code and modifying configuration files.

  1. To run enter image description here

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