primefaces widgetVar Datatable


datatable.js in GitHub Reporitory

bindPaginator: function()Binds the change event listener and renders the paginator
loadLiveRows: function()Loads rows on-the-fly when scrolling live
paginate: function(newState)Ajax pagination
fetchNextPage: function(newState)Loads next page asynchronously to keep it at viewstate and Updates viewstate
sort: function(columnHeader, order, multi)Ajax sort
filter: function()Ajax filter
onRowClick: function(event, rowElement, silent)
onRowDblclick: function(event, row)
highlightRow: function(row)Highlights row as selected
unhighlightRow: function(row)Clears selected visuals
fireRowSelectEvent: function(rowKey, behaviorEvent)Sends a rowSelectEvent on server side to invoke a rowSelectListener if defined
fireRowUnselectEvent: function(rowKey, behaviorEvent)Sends a rowUnselectEvent on server side to invoke a rowUnselectListener if defined
selectRowWithRadio: function(radio)Selects the corresping row of a radio based column selection
unselectAllRows: function()
selectAllRowsOnPage: function()
unselectAllRowsOnPage: function()
selectAllRows: function()
toggleExpansion: function(toggler)Expands a row to display detail content
collapseRow: function(row)
collapseAllRows: function()
getExpandedRows: function()
switchToRowEdit: function(row)
showRowEditors: function(row)
saveRowEdit: function(rowEditor)Saves the edited row
cancelRowEdit: function(rowEditor)
updateRow: function(row, content)Updates row with given content
clearSelection: function()Clears the selection state
clearFilters: function()Clears table filters
removeSelection: function(rowIndex)Remove given rowIndex from selection
addSelection: function(rowKey)Adds given rowKey to selection if it doesn't exist already
isSelected: function(rowKey)Finds if given rowKey is in selection
saveColumnOrder: function()
isEmpty: function()Returns if there is any data displayed
getSelectedRowsCount: function()