pug Interpolation with Pug HTML Element Interpolation


It may be necessary to nest HTML tags inside of each other. Element interpolation is done in a syntax similar to variable interpolation; square brackets instead of curly braces are used here. The syntax of interpolated HTML elements is identical to the implementation of normal HTML elements.


doctype html
        title My Awesome Website
        p The server room went #[b boom]!
        p The fire alarm, however, #[u failed to go off...]
        p Not even #[a(href="https://stackoverflow.com/") Stack Overflow] could save them now.

index.pug output

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>My Awesome Website</title>
        <p>The server room went <b>boom</b>!</p>
        <p>The fire alarm, however, <u>failed to go off...</u></p>
        <p>Not even <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/">Stack Overflow</a> could save them now.</p>