redux Asynchronous Data Flow Using redux-thunk with jQuery.ajax

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const loadUser = userId => dispatch => {
    dispatch({ type: 'USER_LOADING' });
    $.ajax('/users/' + userId, {
        type: 'GET',
        dataType : 'json'
    }).done(response => {
        dispatch({ type: 'USER_LOADED', user: response });
    }).fail((xhr, status, error) => {
        dispatch({ type: 'USER_LOAD_ERROR', status, error });

To use, dispatch like any other action creator:


This will result in an initial USER_LOADING action being dispatched, which can be used to display a loading indicator (if so desired), and after the response has been received either a USER_LOADED action or USER_LOAD_ERROR action will be dispatched, depending on the result of the $.ajax request.

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