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roslyn Replace existing Attributes for all methods in C# using a SyntaxRewriter


The following snippet replaces all Attributes called "PreviousAttribute" by an Attribute called "ReplacementAttribute" for an entire solution. The sample manually uses a SyntaxRewriter to exchange the attributes.

/// <summary>
/// The CSharpSyntaxRewriter allows to rewrite the Syntax of a node
/// </summary>
public class AttributeStatementChanger : CSharpSyntaxRewriter
    /// Visited for all AttributeListSyntax nodes
    /// The method replaces all PreviousAttribute attributes annotating a method by ReplacementAttribute attributes
    public override SyntaxNode VisitAttributeList(AttributeListSyntax node)
        // If the parent is a MethodDeclaration (= the attribute annotes a method)
        if (node.Parent is MethodDeclarationSyntax &&
            // and if the attribute name is PreviousAttribute
                currentAttribute => currentAttribute.Name.GetText().ToString() == "PreviousAttribute"))
            // Return an alternate node that is injected instead of the current node
            return SyntaxFactory.AttributeList(
                                            SyntaxKind.StringLiteralExpression, SyntaxFactory.Literal(@"Sample"))
        // Otherwise the node is left untouched
        return base.VisitAttributeList(node);

/// The method calling the Syntax Rewriter
private static async Task<bool> ModifySolutionUsingSyntaxRewriter(string solutionPath)
    using (var workspace = MSBuildWorkspace.Create())
        // Selects a Solution File
        var solution = await workspace.OpenSolutionAsync(solutionPath);
        // Iterates through every project
        foreach (var project in solution.Projects)
            // Iterates through every file
            foreach (var document in project.Documents)
                // Selects the syntax tree
                var syntaxTree = await document.GetSyntaxTreeAsync();
                var root = syntaxTree.GetRoot();

                // Generates the syntax rewriter
                var rewriter = new AttributeStatementChanger();
                root = rewriter.Visit(root);

                // Exchanges the document in the solution by the newly generated document
                solution = solution.WithDocumentSyntaxRoot(document.Id, root);
        // applies the changes to the solution
        var result = workspace.TryApplyChanges(solution);
        return result;

The above example can be tested for the following class:

public class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)