roslyn Using Workspaces Creating an AdhocWorkspace and adding a new project and a file to it.

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The idea behind the AdhocWorkspace is to create a workspace on the fly.

var workspace = new AdhocWorkspace();

string projectName = "HelloWorldProject";
ProjectId projectId = ProjectId.CreateNewId();
VersionStamp versionStamp = VersionStamp.Create();
ProjectInfo helloWorldProject = ProjectInfo.Create(projectId, versionStamp, projectName, projectName, LanguageNames.CSharp);
SourceText sourceText = SourceText.From("class Program { static void Main() { System.Console.WriteLine(\"HelloWorld\"); } }");

Project newProject = workspace.AddProject(helloWorldProject);
Document newDocument = workspace.AddDocument(newProject.Id, "Program.cs", sourceText);

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