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About is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. –


Microdata is a specification to embed machine-readable data in HTML documents. Microdata consists of name-value pairs (known as items) defined according to a vocabulary. A collection of commonly used markup vocabularies are provided by

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JSON-LD is an easy-to-use JSON-based linked data format that defines the concept of context to specify the vocabulary for types and properties.

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Testing your schema markup

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) provides a variety of ways to develop, test, and modify your structured markup. You can load markup into the tool either directly or by supplying a URL.

Yandex Structured Data Validator

The validator lets you check all the most common microformats: microdata,, microformats, OpenGraph and RDF.


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Basic implementation



<section itemscope itemtype="">
  Hello, my name is
  <span itemprop="name">John Doe</span>,
  I am a
  <span itemprop="jobTitle">Graduate research assistant</span>
  at the
  <span itemprop="affiliation">University of Dreams</span>
  My friends call me
  <span itemprop="additionalName">Johnny</span>
  You can visit my homepage at
  <a href="" itemprop="url"></a>


<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Person",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "jobTitle": "Graduate research assistant",
  "affiliation": "University of Dreams",
  "additionalName": "Johnny",
  "url": ""

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