scheme Getting started with scheme Installing mit-scheme


The following are examples of how to install MIT/GNU Scheme:

Debian/Ubuntu installation:

sudo apt-get install mit-scheme

Manual installation:

Download the Unix binary directly from the GNU Project, then follow the instructions from the official webpage:

# Unpack the tar file
tar xzf mit-scheme.tar.gz

# move into the directory
cd mit-scheme/src

# configure the software

By default, the software will be installed in /usr/local, in the subdirectories bin and lib. If you want it installed somewhere else, for example /opt/mit-scheme, pass the --prefix option to the configure script, as in ./configure --prefix=/opt/mit-scheme.

The configure script accepts all the normal arguments for such scripts, and additionally accepts some that are specific to MIT/GNU Scheme. To see all the possible arguments and their meanings, run the command ./configure --help.

# build
make compile-microcode

# compile
make install # may require super-user permissions (Depending on configuration)

Windows 7:

The self-installing executable can be found in the official website.

MIT/GNU Scheme is distributed as a self-installing executable. Installation of the software is straightforward. Simply execute the downloaded file and answer the installer's questions. The installer will allow you to choose the directory in which MIT/GNU Scheme is to be installed, and the name of the folder in which the shortcuts are to be placed.