scikit-learn Classification A Decision Tree


A decision tree is a classifier which uses a sequence of verbose rules (like a>7) which can be easily understood.

The example below trains a decision tree classifier using three feature vectors of length 3, and then predicts the result for a so far unknown fourth feature vector, the so called test vector.

from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier

# Define training and target set for the classifier
train = [[1,2,3],[2,5,1],[2,1,7]]
target = [10,20,30]

# Initialize Classifier. 
# Random values are initialized with always the same random seed of value 0 
# (allows reproducible results)
dectree = DecisionTreeClassifier(random_state=0), target)

# Test classifier with other, unknown feature vector
test = [2,2,3]
predicted = dectree.predict(test)

print predicted

Output can be visualized using:

import pydot
import StringIO

dotfile = StringIO.StringIO()
tree.export_graphviz(dectree, out_file=dotfile)