sharepoint Working with Managed Server Side Object Model (full-trust)

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Conceptual Hierarchy

In the SharePoint conceptual hierarchy, site collections contain sites, which in turn contain lists. A site collection (SPSite) has no explicit UI but always contains one root level site (accessible through the RootWeb property) and possibly additional subsites under that root site. A site or web (SPWeb) has a UI and contains lists/document libraries (SPList), pages with webparts, and items/documents (SPListItem).

Server-Side Caveats

  • To create an application that uses the SharePoint server-side object model, in your Visual Studio project you must add a reference to the Microsoft.SharePoint assembly which is listed under Framework Assemblies.
  • Applications using the Server Side Object Model (full-trust) can run only on a Windows Server that is hosting SharePoint.
  • You cannot connect to a SharePoint server other than the one the application is running on.

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